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Dangote Refinery:l Didn’t Know That The Mafia In Oil Are Stronger Than The Mafia In Drugs – Dangote

“I didn’t know that the mafia in oil are stronger than the mafia in drugs. I can tell you that. Yes, it’s a fact. The local and foreign mafia tried several times to sabotage the refinery from coming to fruition.”

He added; “In a system where for 35 years people are used to counting good money, and all of a sudden they see that the days of counting that money have come to an end, you don’t expect them to pray for you. Of course, you expect them to fight back.”

Aliko Dangote stated further; “And I think that is the process that we’re now really going through. But the truth is that, yes, the country, the sub-region, and also the continent, sub-Saharan Africa, need this refinery. So, you expect them to fight through non-supply of crude and non-purchase of the product.”

— Aliko Dangote

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