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Outrage As Lady Allegedly Bleeds To Death After Friend Slashed Her Hand


Videos revealing the moment a lady slashed the hand of her friend during a fight have surfaced online, drawing outrage from netizens.

The now-trending videos were posted on X by Obaofph01 on Tuesday with the caption, “Girl mistakenly kills her friend in a fight. Dear women, please mind the kind of friends you keep; the hearts of some girls are darker than the devil’s heart. The smaller the circle, the better.”

The first video revealed how a lady slashed the victim’s forearm during an argument, while the second video showed the victim lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Netizens on Twitter have since begun to react to the incident, as some advised first-aid measures to be taken in such a situation. In contrast, others condemned the act, stating that the assaulter and witnesses should be arrested.

Rob MD commented, “Just a medical advice: if ever in such a situation, don’t panic; get a cloth and tie it firmly around the bleeding point; help the victim to lie down and rush to the nearest hospital. That was an arterial bleed that led to her exsanguination. We need to place more emphasis on first-aid measures to save such situations. Even the person who was doing the video would have done a better job giving first aid help.”

Ohifeme00 commented on the post, saying, “If any of them were educated enough, they would have known how to slow down the bleeding and get her to a hospital.”

Mr. Sly tweeted, “Saddened by her preventable death, I am deeply heartbroken. The application of a simple homemade tourniquet using a belt or fabric could have significantly reduced her blood loss and helped her receive medical support.”

Irunnia commented, “Over ten grown adult women, but not one with a functioning brain, not even the dead girl. So none of them thought about covering the wound and rushing her to the nearest hospital? All they did was record. Record for who?”

BongoIdeas tweeted that the girls should be arrested for their negligence, saying, “The company you keep could determine whether you live long or not. All the girls gotta be arrested firstly for their ignorance and secondly for their negligence.”

Abazz also supported the arrest, tweeting, “Please arrest all of them in that house. She was bleeding for a long time, and no one cared to rush her to the hospital?”

Rasheed Zubair also replied, “They probably thought it wouldn’t be that serious, but I agree they should all serve jail terms.”


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