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ODD NEWS: Mother’s Day gift earns woman $30,000 lottery jackpot

An Australian mom said her Mother’s Day became all the more special when a lottery ticket given to her by her daughter earned a jackpot exceeding $30,000.

The Cronulla, New South Wales, woman told The Lott officials that the Ladybird Bingo Instant Scratch-It ticket was a Mother’s Day gift from her daughter.

“I was just at the table, having a couple of tea while my daughter was making me cupcakes, and I decided to scratch the ticket,” the winner recalled. “I screamed out to her ‘I think I have won!’ We kept checking and double checking.”

The ticket was a $32,445 top-prize winner.

“It was a very surreal moment,” she said. “It was lovely to share that experience with her.”

The woman said she plans to use her prize money to make home improvements.

“I want to do some renovations on the house, and I know it sounds funny, but I have always wanted a screen door on the front door, and so I am going to get one,” she said.

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