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ODD NEWS: Letter detailing Van Gogh and Gaugion’s brothel visits to be auctioned

A letter jointly written by painters Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, which features details of their visits to French brothels, could sell for up to $282,000 at an auction in Paris.

The November 1888 letter was primarily authored by Van Gogh, but features comments added by Gauguin before it was mailed to painter Emile Bernard.

“We’ve made some excursions in the brothels, and it’s likely that we’ll eventually go there often to work,” Van Gogh wrote in the letter, which was mailed from Arles, France. “At the moment Gauguin has a canvas in progress of the same night cafe that I also painted, but with figures seen in the brothels. It promises to become a beautiful thing.”

French auction house Drouot Estimations said the letter is “exceptional for the extraordinary meeting of two immense painters, but also for the lucidity and the certainty that their painting will revolutionize the art of future generations.”

The letter is expected to fetch between $203,000 and $282,000 when it is auctioned next week.

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