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ODD NEWS: Dog set to begin third-term in office as Mayor of US town

Humans may be higher animals but humans in a town in America believed they should be governed by a lower one.

This mysterious metropolis is called Cormorant, a tiny Western Minnesota town with about 1,000 residents where a 9-year-old dog is Mayor.

Duke as he is called, is the first and only dog that’s ever been elected mayor in America and he even just got re-elected for a third term, WDAY 6 reports.

One must be thinking the people of this town need psychiatric evaluation but no, they seem perfectly normal and they have so much praises for their mayor.

Karen Nelson, a resident of the town told WDAY 6, Duke is doing well at discharging his executive duties and she doesn’t feel there is anyone who can run against him.

She was quoted as saying “I don’t know who would run against him, he’s done such great things for the community.”

Now wait for it.

According to Duke’s owner David Rick, the pooch was originally elected by accident via write-in votes in 2013 where people paid a dollar before they voted.

Firstly, what sort of electoral system is operated in this town? Secondly, when did electing a dog into a government seat become constitutional? Thirdly, so they paid a dollar each to elect a dog to govern them?

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