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ODD NEWS: Best friends try more expensive scratch-off for the first time, win big

A pair of best friends in Australia tried their luck on a more expensive scratch-off lottery ticket for the first time and scored a jackpot of more than $180,000.

One-half of the winning duo from Narre Warren, Victoria, told The Lott officials that he and his best friend have a weekly tradition of pooling their money to buy a Powerball ticket, and they use the remaining money to buy a scratch-off ticket.

The man said the pair usually have just enough left over for a $3.64 scratch-off ticket, but on a recent visit to the Narre Warren Newsagency & Lotto they found that for the first time they had enough left over for a $7.29 ticket.

The man said it was their first time buying one of the more expensive tickets, and they won $182,240.

“We scratched it right there in the store, and we couldn’t believe it. We’ve never won anything like this before,” the man said. “I had only said to my friend a few weeks ago ‘You hear about these winners, I wonder if the stories are true’ and now we know they are because we have won!”

The man said his half of the jackpot will allow him to pay off his debts.

“I’ll use my half to pay off some bills and my personal loan,” he said. “Then I will be debt-free! I’ll use the rest towards saving for a house deposit.”

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