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ODD NEWS: Bear burglar takes nap in California man’s bed

A California man’s home security camera was recording when a bear broke into his apartment, foraged for food, wrecked his TV and took a nap on his bed.

The Kings Beach resident, identified as Brian, said he was boating with friends on Lake Tahoe when his phone received an alert from his Ring camera that motion was detected in his living room.

Brian used his phone to access the camera and was shocked to see a huge black bear inside his apartment.

The resident alerted his landlord and the property manager, who happened to be nearby.

“He slowly walked up to the window where it had broken the screen and gotten through, and peeked in,” Brian told Ring. “He then saw that the bear was sleeping on my bed! He started making loud noises and the bear popped up and climbed back out and ran off.”

Brian discovered the bear the had left behind a path of destruction including throwing garbage all over the floor, smashing his TV and shredding his bed linens.

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