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NUPENG, PENGASSAN Warns Oil and Gas Companies Against Arbitrary Sack of Members


The National Leaderships of both the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) has warned oil and gas companies against arbitrary sack of members.

The unions said they received series of reports from their members of attempts by some multinational and indigenous Oil and Gas Companies to exploit the current unfortunate Covid 19 situation to rationalize, downsize, sack, introduce precarious/indecent work system or reduce salaries and allowances of workers in the industry.

This statement was jointly signed by Comrade Williams Akporeha,National President of NUPENG, and President- PENGASSAN, Comrade Ndukaku Ohaeri on Monday.

While the leaderships of the Union and association empathize with the employers over the negative impacts Covid 19 is having on the industry, their business operations and earnings, “we still feel very strongly that taking the routes of arbitrary sacks, terminations or introduction of precarious/ indecent working conditions laden with flagrant and unprocedural behaviour should be avoided at all cost as they wouldn’t bring anything good to anyone in both short, medium and long terms”.

The leadership of NUPENGASSAN condemned these moves and vow to resist them with all its might,as the moves are seen as unfair to the selfless and patriotic services of the Nigeria Oil and Gas workers to these Companies and the nation over these past highly productive years and even when these workers are still fully participating in the frontline of the struggle against the pandemic rendering essential services.

The statement added, “These moves by some of these employers if not properly checked and managed by relevant authorities whose guidelines are being continually disobeyed by these organisations will further complicate the already impoverished state of Nigerian Oil and Gas Workers, their immediate family and others depending on the workers incomes for living.

“The Federal Government and all its relevant agencies are further put on notice that NUPENGASSAN might be forced to precipitate an action that will affect drastically the entire industry if this ugly trend is not halted and erring organisations called to order.

“We earnestly implore these Companies that in the same manners and spirit they are making donations for the fight against Covid 19, they should also spare some kind thoughts for their Workers and strive to keep them alive and on job so as not to create social upheavals that canbe much more devastating than the Covid 19 pandemic”, the unions said.

The unions therefore called on the Federal Government and all its relevant agencies saddled with the responsibilities of managing and regulating the industry to urgently nip these ugly trends in the buds to avoid so many untoward and damaging consequences of the actions and reactions that may follow”.

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