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Magodo Residents Kick Against Plot By Omo Onile To Forcibly Access Wetland Via Estate

…. Condemns Role of Physical Planning Commissioner, Ikosi/Isheri LCDA Chairman … LASG should create Access through Otedola Underpass or Agiliti to the Flood Plain/Wetland

The Residents of Magodo GRA Phase 11 Shangisha Lagos, also known as Magodo Residents Association (MRA), have urged the Lagos State Government to call the Commissioner for Physical Planning, Dr Oluyinka Olumide and the Ikosi IsheriLCDA Chairman Mrs Samiat Abolanle Bada to order over the illegal invasion and destruction in the Estate by Omo Onile and its developers. 

On November 1, 2023, there was an illegal Invasion of Magodo Phase II by Omo-onile and their Developers with the connivance of officials of the Ministry of Physical Planning & Urban Development and the LCDA Chairman in a vicious attempt to grant illegal access from Magodo Phase II to the flood plain land in Otedola/Agiliti/Mile 12. During the invasion with thugs and armed security personnel, the Security fence constructed by the MRA to ward off Invaders, armed men, thieves, kidnappers, miscreants, and other hoodlums was forcefully and illegally demolished. To the chagrin of Residents, the Commissioner directed the Omo Onile to illegally erect another gate that would provide illegal access for their Developers into the flood plain (Wetland) at the back of the Estate. However, the Resident’s Association insists that they should seek alternative access outside Magodo Estate Phase II to preserve the peaceful dwelling hitherto maintained within the Estate. 

A statement by the MRA on Monday, jointly signed by the MRA Chairman, Engr. Sheriff Daramola; the BOT Chairman, Prof. Kayode Denloye; the CCC Chairman, Mr. Joseph Olofinsolaand MRA Secretary, Kehinde Daodu; urged the Lagos State Government to respect the regulations in its own scheme by not allowing its overzealous officials to cause chaos and destroy Magodo Estate. According to a statement by the BOT Chairman, Prof. Kayode Denloye, “The commissioner saying that Omo-onile have the right to access their land through Magodo is a surprise, and where he got that information from is still questionable”‘. Even after appealing that status quo be maintained, he went further to destroy the concrete fence that was erected by MRA. The height of the recklessness of the Commissioner, LCDA Chair and Omo-onile was to ask MRA to bring a consultant to evaluate the possibilities of road access to the floodplain through Magodo. He had forgotten that this was a State Government acquired land.

Dangers On the Access to The Wetland From Magodo

The impact of access to the floodplain land through Magodo is colossal: 

• It leads to Agiliti, Mile 12 and Ikorodu Road. The traffic and impending level of insecurity will be greatly amplified. 

• If done, over 30% of residents will leave Magodo due to security challenges, flooding, fast depreciation of existing buildings, public infrastructures, etc.

• Roads are designed and constructed with consideration for the population served. If this road is opened, it will affect the foundation, social life, threat to security etc.

• A lot of pupils who trek to school use the route to their schools and they will surely encounter security issues and increased vehicular movement.

• It is already affecting the foundation of existing buildings in the estate along that corridor of the proposed roads thereby subjecting them to collapse, leading to devaluation of the properties 

• Access to the floodplain through Magodo for development purposes will complicate the already flooded areas like Agiliti, Owode Elede, Odo Iya Alaro, Ogudu, Apostolic, KosofeDemurin, etc.

MRA asks: “What is the interest of Dr. Olumide Oluyinka, the Hon. Commissioner for Physical Planning & Urban Development in calling for a meeting to destroy Magodo Phase II? Magodo is under the instrumentality of an acquired area which has a defined boundary. It is a shame that the Commissioner, developers, the LCDA Chairperson and his cronies are encouraging the ‘Omo-onile’ to validate their actions and invade Magodo Phase II. 

MRA has noted that the development is a national issue that is embarrassing to the state Government as well as to Magodo residents. “Some people with vested interest just want to destroy the good work of Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s government”- to destroy the estate that massively voted for this government, the government estate that is the closest to the seat of power in Lagos, that hosts state government institutions such as PSSDC, the estate that is the pride of Lagos State with flavour and character.” 

According to the statement “It is unimaginable that the Hon. Commissioner is liaising with the private developers, Omo-onile and the LCDA to destroy a secure govt estate like Magodo II even after other Lagos State officials such as  thePermanent Secretary Ministry of Lands, have discouraged such access to the floodplain through Magodo.

Alternative Access Roads to the Floodplain (Wet Land)

 MRA hereby unequivocally maintains that the Lagos State Government can create access roads, but not through Magodo. There is existing access through Otedola underpass and Agiliti to the Floodplain/Wetland. Magodo is a historical estate where present and former government dignitaries at State and Federal levels and individuals of high repute have contributed to the growth of their community in line with their retirement plans, reside. Any access to the wetland through Magodo will affect its institutional character, values, and personalities. 

 Dangers of Creating Access Roads through Magodo Phase II Residential Area to The Drainage/Floodplain 

Development in the floodplain creates an obstruction for water discharge and thereby creates a major problem to the estate. When Magodo I was created, it was never linked to Magodo II. The Honorable Commissioner for Physical Planning & Urban Development must explain why he is proposing and encouraging a private developer to access a government estate illegally at the detriment of an existing and flourishing estate. How can he be allowing this illegality? What is the government policy on the use of wetland/flood plain? Any master plan to convert it to Residential usage? It is the same government that is prohibiting illegality that is encouraging it. 

In conclusion, MRA hereby urges the State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to step into the matter and call the Commissioner for Physical Planning  andthe Ikosi/Isheri LCDA Chairman to order. If the Commissioner, the LCDA Chairperson, Mrs Samiat Abolanle Bada, Omo-onileand their developers want to access the wetland, they should do it through alternatives routes but not within Magodo Phase II.


For and on behalf of Property owners and Residents in Magodo Phase II GRA

Kehinde Daodu​​Prof. Kayode Denloye​​Joseph OlofinSheriff Daramola

General SecretaryBOT Chairman​​​CCC Chairman    MRA Chairman

Monday November 13, 2023 Magodo, Shangisha Lagos


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