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LP candidate boasts of victory in spite of leaders decamping


The Labour Party (LP) candidate for Saturday’s governorship election in Bayelsa, Mr Udengs Eradiri, says he is confident of victory during the poll despite the decamping of some of the leaders of his party to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

He said he was not worried that chairmen of Labour Party in six local government area of the state had yesterday defected to PDP and declared their supports to the re-election of Gov Douye Diri.

Speaking with newsmen on Friday, Eradiri described the defected Labour Party chieftain as betrayers, who could trade anything for parochial gains.

The governorship candidate said he was in the race to solve Bayelsa problems and not party problems.

He said: “Well, there is no reaction about the APC leaders that defected, it was expected, they are just looking for ways to deceive Douye Diri, you know he is not on ground.

“So, anybody who wants to make money from him should go and deceive him; don’t forget that I gathered the Labour Party people and when they started this appointment thing, I told them to go and collect, because I’m here for Bayelsa problems, I’m not here for the party.

“This party members, I made them, they are surrogate of government, they have betrayed Obi, is it me that they will not betray?

“These people will sell their mother for anything; I was expecting it, it even came at approximate time because this is the selling period.

“It’s the last day of campaign, I don’t do politics of decamping, if I go to any community, people come to me that they want to decamp, I will say please I don’t do this kind of politics, stay where you are and vote for me.

“I don’t know how to do party politics, it is so unfortunate that Bayelsa is in this state; the level of incompetence the governor is expressing is the reason any two or three person can gather to get money from him.

“I heard again that another group has gathered this morning, saying that they are Obi supporters group and collected N30 million.

“I am not a violent person, in this election, no violence has been recorded over my activities. I have been consistent about the non-violent process, I didn’t participate in signing peace accord because I didn’t miss anything, I was not informed on time.

“There is no drinking water in any part of Bayelsa, rain is falling in public secondary and primary schools. I’m prepared for tomorrow’s election, so that Bayelsans will have the needed leadership,” he said.

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