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Kogi Workers Celebrate Sallah with June Payment, Food Palliatives, Commend Ododo for Effective Governance



…Says Voting for ‘Consolidation and Continuity’ Was No Mistake…

Civil Servants in Kogi State have expressed their appreciation to Gov. Ahmed Usman Ododo following the early payment of June salaries, alongside the distribution of food palliatives to commemorate the Eid- El- Sallah Celebration.

Before 2016, Kogi State faced a convoluted and ineffective civil service system, coupled with the irregular payment of workers’ salaries. This persistent issue constituted the gravamen for successive administrations. Efforts to sanitize the system and ensure timely wage payments for genuine workers were hindered by a lack of political will and various obstacles. It was the bold initiative of His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Bello’s immediate past administration unbundled this cumbersome system.

The civil service reform under Bello’s administration was arduous and demanding for both the civil servants and the government. While civil servants endured a rigorous screening exercise that lasted for weeks, the government faced relentless media attacks, primarily driven by ghost workers and unintended beneficiaries who were inevitably phased out of the system. By the conclusion of the exercise in 2017, Kogi State had established a robust, effective, and ambitious civil service system, effectively ending the long-standing salary crisis.

Since 2017, the government policy has ensured that workers’ salaries are paid between the 25th and 27th of every month, a policy that the current administration is continuing. The civil service reform was one of the five key thematic areas of the ‘New Direction Administration’ of the previous government, focusing on Education, Health, Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Civil Service reforms.

Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo, who previously restructured and audited the records of local government workers, has been diligent and committed to improving the lives and economic activities of the rural populace. As someone who was part of the system, Ododo’s leadership has brought significant positive changes.

On June 14, 2024, Governor Usman Ododo fulfilled his promise of sustainable welfare by paying the June salaries and pensions of workers and retirees in Kogi State ahead of the Sallah celebration. This unprecedented action aligns with the government’s long-standing practice of meeting salary obligations before the 25th of every month, ensuring that Muslim brothers and sisters can celebrate Sallah joyfully.

The early payment of salaries to civil servants, along with the ongoing distribution of the second quarterly food palliative to vulnerable populations across the state, is part of the government’s efforts to ensure that people can fully enjoy the festivities with their families. This initiative by the governor reassures all that the government will continue to prioritise the welfare of workers, pensioners, and the citizenry. The comprehensive reforms in the public and civil service sectors have made Kogi one of the most attractive public employers in Nigeria today.

The decision to pay salaries and pensions early has been met with widespread appreciation from the state’s workforce. This timely payment will positively impact holiday preparations, and the people now recognize that they did not make a mistake in voting for ‘Continuity and Consolidation’ by electing Usman Ododo on November 11, 2023. The benefits they are enjoying now, and will continue to enjoy in the future, are the results of their patience, cooperation with the government, resilience, and patriotism during the civil service reforms.

Conclusively, the current administration’s commitment to continuity and consolidation is evident in its policies and actions, ensuring the sustained welfare and development of Kogi State. The Kogi State government, under Governor Ododo, continues to prioritize the needs and welfare of its people, maintaining a legacy of effective governance and progressive reforms.


Onogwu Muhammed,
Special Adviser to the Governor on Public Relations,

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