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Imo residents are experiencing a blackout after an attack on NLC president


On Wednesday, November 1, the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) directed all electricity workers to put a stop to all electricity services after Joe Ajaero, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) President was brutalized in Imo state.

A part of the NUEE letter read thus:
“In response to the atrocious and inhumane behaviour meted out to our fellow comrades and the abduction of the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress by the Imo State Governor and the Policemen of the Imo State Command today, Wednesday 1 November 2023, we will embark on a total shutdown of the Nation if the President of the NLC is not released and adequate explanation given by the Nigerian Government.

“All National State and Chapter executives are requested to start the mobilization of our members in total compliance with this directive. Please note that withdrawal of Services nationwide commences from 0.00 hours of Thursday, November 2.2023.

“We cannot be at work while the President of the NLC is incarcerated, and we cannot be at peace when the rights of the workers in Imo State are being trampled on with utmost impunity. The strength and integrity of our Union are at stake, please ensure total compliance.”

Apparently, the directive was carried out in Imo state on Thursday, November 2, according to the letter signed by Dominic Igwebike, the Acting Secretary of the NUEE.
This is the current situation even though the NLC president is being treated at the hospital.

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