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Ease of Lockdown In Lagos: Banks Customers Disregard Social Distancing Principle, Fail To Wear facemask


Majority of the people, who trooped to banks in the city of Lagos today acted contrary to the guidelines issued by the state government on the prevention of Coronavirus Pandemic through social distancing and wearing of facemasks.

Upshot Correspondent, who went from Ahmadiyah to Fagba area of Lagos State observed that people gathered in multitudes to enter the premises of some banks in the area for transactions.

Some of them also failed to wear facemasks or any other protective gear.

It was gathered that some of them went to the banks to lodge complain about their accounts, while some went to complain that money was deducted from their accounts, while they were trying to use ATM whereas the machines failed bring out the money eventually.

In a related development, riders of tricycles, popularly known as Keke Marwa were seen carrying two passengers each, while they increased the fares from N100 to N150 from Ahmadiyah to Fagba.

It was also observed that the roads were free, but a large number of people were seen around banks and markets in the area.

At Fagba market, Upshot learnt that food stuffs were still much expensive.

A tuber of yam sells between N800 and N1000, while a plastic of garri was sold for N800.

Some of the residents, who spoke with our correspondent, said that there was need for the government to ensure strict compliance and implementation of all guidelines to safeguard the people from the dreadful COVID-19 that has killed thousands of people all over the world.

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