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Denmark opens its border to couples separated by pandemic; but you must prove you’re in a relationship with photos, texts or emails

Denmark has opened its borders to lovers who were separated during the Coronavirus pandemic to visit their partners following the easing of the country’s lockdown measures.

Those who live in Germany, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden have reportedly been informed they can reunite and visit their Danish partner as of Monday but they must prove they are a couple with photos, emails, and text messages.

Officials say a name, address, and contact details of the person’s partner in Denmark will be presented, as well as phone records between the pair to show the history of the relationship.

According to Police, the easing of lockdown measures applies to couples who have been together for at least six months and those who have physically met before, as opposed to being in a strictly online or text relationship.

‘They can bring along a photo or a love letter,’ deputy chief Allan Dalager Clausen told Danish broadcaster DR.

‘I realise these are very intimate things, but the decision to let in the partner ultimately rests on the judgment of the individual police officer,’ he said.

Justice minister Nick HΓ¦kkerup said the regulations will now be eased in the coming days so that a letter signed by both parties is all that’s needed to prove the relationship.

‘If you say you are a boyfriend and sign [the letter], we will assume it [is true],’ he told broadcaster TV2.

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