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COVID-19: Why Parents Might Not Allow Their Children to Resume Schools


The effect of Coronavirus Pandemic on education system cannot be overemphasized as academic calendar has been disrupted and teachers will have to do a lot work in preparing pupils for another term to allow them catch up and make up for the lost periods.

In an effort to consider resumption of schools, the Federal Government is seriously strategising on things to do to ensure that the children do not contract the dreaded COVID-19, when schools eventually resume.

Recently, the Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajiuba, said that schools would remain closed until the Federal Government is sure that pupils could attend classes without the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Nwajiuba, who disclosed this at the daily briefing of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19, said: “Until we are sure that our children can go to school and return safely without taking COVID-19 home, we are not ready to take the risk of opening schools.”

Clarifying that an announcement suggesting schools would reopen in June did not emanate from the government, he said that the administration would work in tandem with experts and the World Health Organisation (WHO) before schools could resume.

The minister’s statement connoted that schools might not resume schools anytime soon until the coast is clear.

In another way, majority of parents were saying that anytime schools resume, they had to give extra one or two weeks to observe the situation before they would allow their children to return to school.

Some even suggested September as resumption period.
A school of thought believe that all these mixed feelings might lead to low attendance when schools eventually resume.

Concerned parents and stakeholders have different reactions on the reopening of schools in Nigeria, most especially those in Lagos State that, where cases of COVID-19 are increasing on a daily basis.

Yinka Bisi, in her comment said, “we all need to face reality on the resumption of schoola right now. Coronavirus has come to stay, which is the reason the federal government deemed it fit to allow some part of the economy functioning so that everything would not crumble. Who do we run to when things become confusing like this? My stand is that schools should resume as soon as possible, but there should be directives on the best safety measures to take so that the teachers and pupils would be safe

Another stakeholder, Tiwalola Ladipo said, “I will suggest September, third term remains just one month and it won’t speak well of us to expose all our children to danger of this deadly virus.

Taye Oladosu, on his part, said, “I will suggest next year January, we are enjoying online teaching for now till this Coronavirus reduce drastically” .

Mercy Johnson, in her view said “just like every other disease such as HIV/AIDS, Ebola etc, COVID-19 has come to stay. It is just that it will go down a little with time, therefore the government should put adequate measures in place to prevent it and the people should follow precautions and also teach children how to keep safe. By this schools and every business can re-open by first the week of August.”

Bada Adewale, who also spoke on the matter, said, “WHO has said that the pandemic has come to stay for long like HIV/AIDS. Since most schools wanted to start exams before the break-out of Coronavirus, I will advise that schools should open by the end of June, four weeks are enough to fumigate all the schools in the country.”

Paul Owojori, on his part, said that “schools can resume, when the cases reduce drastically to the extent that we have rest of mind and we should apply precautionary measures, when students go back to schools.”

Mimi Eyamba said, “Whenever there is a significant reduction in confirmed cases of COVID-19 and schools should be ready to comply with the guidelines of WHO. That should be in September or in a worst case scenario, January next year.”

Another respondent, Shakira Adeleke said, “probably September and they should ensure that anti COVID19 vaccine is discovered and give it to the children as soon as possible.”

Adebusola Isola, who also spoke, said, “For me, I would say June so as to start 3rd term then they should have break for a week or two, thereafter another session can starts in September.
On the other side, a new session starts in September, maybe the first term performance and the second term assessment tests can be used for promoting pupils/students.
Meanwhile, we have schools who have concluded their second term examinations before the closure of schools). The number of people with COVID-19 is so outrageous, alarming and scary, we have to be careful before students would be asked to resume.”

Omoteinse Iris said, “Thanks for asking for our opinions. If all necessary preventive and safety measures are put in place, I would suggest August so that the pupils and students can complete their second term examinations and if that would be waved aside, then September is good.”

It is certain that parents are looking forward to when governments will decide to open schools, but there are fears that children might not be allowed to resume schools if the number of cases of COVID-19 in the country continues to on increase.

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