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Coronavirus lockdown spurs record-setting efforts

The enforced lockdown in Germansโ€™ normal social lives created by the novel coronavirus restrictions on Saturday prompted many to try their luck in setting records within their own four walls.

RID, the institute responsible for registering records set in German-speaking countries, said that people practicing martial arts had been particularly active in setting new records.

RID chief Olaf Kuchenbecker told dpa that submissions include: an attempt to crush as many cans as possible within a set time and an attempt to smash coconuts with the elbow.

One Austrian national was able to reduce eight 28-centimetre pans into rolls of metal within one minute.

โ€œSome of the video submissions have gone viral and prompted newcomers to the record-setting scene to join the challenge.

โ€œThe most well-known attempt at setting a world record in recent weeks saw 1,320 record the song โ€œRock You Like a Hurricaneโ€ by the Scorpions within the confines of their homes,โ€ Kuchenbecker said.

The performances from more than 40 countries were edited together by music teacher Jens Illemann in the German state of Schleswig Holstein and the finished product is to be released on Youtube on Saturday.

Illemann said that the current record was 1,206 peopleโ€™s performances combined into one.

Germany, which has a heavy coronavirus caseload but has managed to keep its death toll relatively low, is gradually starting to lift the restrictions it imposed in mid-March to stem the outbreak.

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