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Communications ministry secures N1bn funding for tech

The Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani, on Tuesday, revealed that the ministry has secured N1bn for the implementation of The Three Million Technical Talent programme.

He disclosed this during a council meeting with the directors of Information Communication and Technology department in all MDAs in Abuja.

He stated that the funds secured from a private company will help build Nigeriaโ€™s technical talent backbone to strengthen the digital economy.

The minister emphasising the relevance of technology on the economy, said the government must collaborate to provide an enabling environment and public servants ready to embrace change in order to achieve maximum results.

He said, โ€œThe best way to address societal problems is to bring people together that are to discuss it and find solutions. Our meeting must be critical and effective to solve issues so that we produce something concrete.

โ€œFrom there, stakeholders and private investors will begin to see our body language and line of policy which will in turn bring in partners with appropriate resources.

โ€œWhen I got into office and I said the ministry was going to train 3 million people, we didnโ€™t have the resources but everyday companies and organisations are coming in to support the initiative.

โ€œThere was no budget in the ministry to execute the project but today, a company will be giving us N1billion for this project. The company just left this morning. So, even if the ministry says they donโ€™t have money, I would still deliver for Nigerians and the president.โ€

The minister further charged the council to perform its role to help the government achieve the full digitisation blueprint of the current administration.

He added, โ€œThe Nigerian government should have a proper technology research institute but it is the responsibility of this council to ensure the digital economy blueprint of this administration is effectively implemented.

โ€œI see no reason why our documentation process should be done with A4 paper, we have to revolutionise the civil service so we can judiciously make use of limited resources.โ€

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