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Cleaner caught on camera putting client’s stolen items in bra


A cleaner has been caught on camera stealing items of her clients and stuffing it into her bra and pockets.

A couple, Alastair and Sue Conner, who came for an all-inclusive package holiday at the Magic Natura Resort in Benidorm with their 15-year-old son, noticed that some items such as packets of cigareetes and perfume bottles started disappearing, decided to install secret cameras in the room determined to catch the thief in the act, Daily Mail reports.

In the video, a woman dressed in white overalls, upon entering the room checked around the room after which she checked a white nylon before taking what seems to be a packet of cigarettes and putting it in her pocket.

Sue said: “I noticed when we’d come back to the room, stuff was missing, my bags had moved and I thought someone’s been in my knicker drawer.

“So we decided to set some cameras up but the batteries weren’t lasting. We thought something was definitely going on.

“We ended up taking photographs when we went out to show what the room was like and when we came back we noticed my bags had been moved. This was going on from practically day one. Things weren’t in their place.

“I’d just bought a new bottle of Gucci perfume from the airport and that was gone.

“We bought 400 fags on the plane and all the fags had gone within a week. I thought something isn’t right.

“And our son Jack said his clothes had been moved in the wardrobe. He had a necklace with a gold pendant with a ring on it and that was gone. Money, cigarettes, perfume – it was all gone.’

The couple believe around €750 worth of items were taken from their hotel room – including €385 worth of cash, €100 worth of perfume and 260 cigarettes.

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