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Chinese students can go mask-free on campuses in low-risk areas

Primary and secondary school students no longer need to wear masks on campuses in areas with a low risk of COVID-19, Chinese authorities said on Friday.

“Teachers of such schools are also allowed to go mask-free when giving class.

“While it is not recommended for infants and kids to wear masks in nurseries and kindergartens,’’ the technical protocols on epidemic control jointly issued by the National Health Commission and the Ministry of Education said.

The protocols suggested that students should take with them masks that are up to medical standards and required janitors, sanitation workers and canteen workers to wear masks.

“Schools, where conditions allow, should ensure that students are seated at least one meter apart from each other,’’ it noted.

The protocols advised that large classes be divided up into smaller ones, or that students of large classes go to school at staggered hours.

“Dormitories of boarding schools should not be located in the basement,’’ the protocols read, adding that there should be no more than six students allocated to each dorm room.

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