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Ade continues to Hu.rt venita


Venita – It’s Disappointing , sweet baby Jesus , how did i get here , I miss people who care for me genuinely, I’m tired of many faces in this house 🙆

Adekunle – Singing without saying a word to her 😩

Venita – you should be able to carry the food inside, I wish you all the best , I think you will survive on Sunday . I don’t like some jokes you make , I don’t like somethings you do , I just want us to clear things up before we leave here.

Adekunle – sorry I don’t have answer to all the questions you are asking me ,I’m not in the state of mind to answer , I have alot on my head 🤐🤐🤐🤐

A lot in Adekunle’s mind but he couldn’t say a word 😩😩,he was just nodding his head 🤣

Venita kept asking him questions but he didn’t answer her 😩

Venita – why are you not talking , you don’t want to respond to my questions

Adekunle – I don’t know how to dance around questions .

Adekunle – I have a question to ask , before we picked teams for todays task, you said God don’t put any salty more than fvcker in my team , were you referring to me .

Venita – No I wasn’t referring to you

Adekunle – okay

Venita said she is irritated by the dinner date 🙆

Not Adekunle saying he will move out of the bed 😩😩

Adekunle – you say you wish me the best , I wish you the best too , I hope you make it to the final.


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