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COVID-19: Popular Kannywood actor, Sani Danja warns against stereotype beliefs

Kannywood popular actor/musician, Sani Danja, has cautioned Nigerian youths to shun stereotype beliefs over the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Danja, who is also a nollywood actor sa, on Friday in Kaduna, that it was high time everyone faced the reality of the existence of coronavirus and observed laid down health protocols.

โ€œIt is not a joke, seeing such an unprecedented number of people die on a daily basis.

โ€œCoronavirus is very real, as such people should wake up and do the needful, in order to defeat the dreaded global disease,โ€ he said.

Danja, however, noted that though the government was doing its best, much was still desired considering that so many lives were at stake.

โ€œIf developed countries like the U.S., with its sophisticated health care delivery sector, could lose so much lives, then Nigeria needs to do more.

โ€œGovernment should deploy every resource needed to meet the needs of the people, especially at this difficult moment,โ€ he added.

The artiste, also urged the Federal Government to lessen its dependence on foreign aids and explore other internal means of overcoming Nigeriaโ€™s challenges.

โ€œIn my opinion, government should encourage local medicine as an alternative cure to COVID-19.

โ€œOther countries have tried this and it has worked for them, so why should ours be different?โ€

Danja, admonished Nigerians to desist from playing politics with the issue of COVID-19, and prayed that the pandemic would soon be a thing of the past.

NAN reports that the artiste, who is also a producer and director, has acted, produced and directed more than 600 Hausa films including; `Kwarya tabi Kwaryaโ€™, โ€˜Jaheed, Nagariโ€™, โ€˜Wasiyyaโ€™, โ€˜Harsashiโ€™, โ€˜Gidauniyaโ€™, โ€˜Dahamโ€™, โ€˜Jaridaโ€™, โ€˜Matashiyaโ€™, โ€˜Zuga-zugiโ€™, โ€˜Jan kunneโ€™, โ€˜Gambizam Ragaโ€™ and many others.

He also directed the award winning film: `The Awakeningโ€™, a movie on HIV/AIDs prevention and control, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), with support from Family Health International.

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