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Pandemic quickened digital adoption by five years – CEO

The Managing Director of Sub-Saharan Africa, Project Management Institute, George Asamani, has said that COVID-19 pandemic increased digital adoption by five years, the

According to him, this should push tertiary institutions to accelerate digital adoption for increased skill shifts among students.

While presenting a paper titled ‘Reimagining higher education in Nigeria’, Asamani said, “By some estimates, the pandemic accelerated digital adoption by five years.

“This digitalisation at scale and velocity results in massive skill shifts. Data from Gartner TalentNeuron shows an outsised number of techies being hired outside of IT. That trend is only likely to accelerate further as organisations demand digital skills far beyond the IT function and deep into other areas of the business.”Where Flood Sweeps Away Students Annually| Punch

He noted that higher or tertiary education was ripe for disruption.

He added, “We saw a glimpse in the pandemic, where classes were held online, and courseware unbundled from college staples like libraries and cafeterias were delivered directly to devices.

“Overnight, technology automated the traditional lecture and logically supports the argument that anything that can be automated will be disrupted. As memories of the tumultuous time fade two years on, remote learning is everything, everywhere, all at once.”

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