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Italy to lift foreign travel restrictions on June 3

Italy’s government has approved a decree that will lift travel restrictions to and from the country from June 3, a major step as the country moves to ease its coronavirus lockdown measures and open its economy.

The decree, published Saturday, gradually eases all restrictions on people’s movements that have been in place since March 9.

Travel bans within the country will be lifted from June 3 and people will be allowed to move from one region to another.

It states that from May 18, people can circulate within the region in which they live, without limitations. They will also no longer need to present a self-declaration, stating the urgency of their travel reasons, at police checks.

However, the government remains authorized to limit travel to and from areas that present a high epidemiological risk.

The government decree confirmed a mandatory quarantine for those found positive with the virus and for those who’ve been in close contact with a person who has the virus.

Large gatherings in public spaces remain forbidden. CNN

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