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HomeAnalysisHundreds arrested during Hong Kong’s Mother’s Day protests

Hundreds arrested during Hong Kong’s Mother’s Day protests

Hong Kong Police said 230 people, including children, were arrested on Monday after they responded to a series of pro-independence protests.

Critics, however, claimed that they accidentally caught up multiple people out for Mother’s Day.

On Sunday, the Police said they responded to several small protests in violation of the law.

However, critics said the action actually netted many people, who had simply been enjoying the first evening they have been allowed outside in weeks, due to the coronavirus crisis.

The Police said offences included: unlawful assembly; possession of tools with purposes or intent to destroy or damage property and possession of offensive weapons.

Other offences are possession of dangerous drugs; public disorder; obstructing police officers during duty; assaulting a police officer; and refusal to produce proof of identity.

Among those detained and later released without charge was a 13-year-old student reporter named Luk, who was live-streaming one of the events.

He appeared shaken during an interview with Apple Daily after his release.

There were also reports of dozens of injuries, including some people, who needed to be hospitalised.

Democratic Party legislator, Roy Kwong, was among those who remained in hospital.

He sustained injuries after being hurled to the ground by a group of riot officers, one of which was filmed kneeling on his head.

The government have been criticised for their attempt to use social distancing laws to police public order.

Hong Kong currently has 1,047 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, and just four deaths recorded, after a three week respite from new cases of the pandemic.

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