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COVID-19: Film productions on standstill – Movie producer

Oladiran Ibironke, Chief Excexutive Officer (CEO), Dudu Heritage Films, on Monday said that every aspect of movie production had been suspended for now.

Ibironke said this in Ibadan, that COVID-19 had forced everyone to stop producing movies.

“Virtually everything is on standstill. From production to sales, we are however, praying for the pandemic to be over.
“ Thank God that social media is still trending. Therefore we have been able to continue linkage with numerous consumers worldwide.

“And since it is not only the entertainment industry that is affected, movie production cannot be crippled, it will only be on hold just for a while.

“There are so many ongoing projects that have been put on hold, but which would eventually be concluded,” he said.
He, however, said though the government had been supporting the industry financially, that was not enough to keep it on its feet.

“Depends on what you mean by support. If financially? Yes, but not up to expectations.
Ibironke, however, expressed hope that in spite of the slow pace of development that was very much likely to be experienced post COVID-19, the sector would bounce back in due course and thrive again.

“ I know post COVID-19 will be a bit slow due to the economic downturn. But we will live it as it comes and hope for the best.
“Things would not just pick up immediately or return automatically to how they used to be before COVID-19. Indeed, it will take much patience,” he said.

The film maker, however, decried the high rate of piracy in the country, which he said was ripping producers off and denying from enjoying the benefits of their works.
“Piracy is one hell we live with in the entertainment industry. Not until the consumers are fully enlightened on the reasons they should shun pirated materials, expected development in the sector will continue to elude us.

“Not until the government promulgates a law that prescribes stiffer penalties to curb the menace, sadly, we will continue to dine with them,” Ibironke said.

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